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I'm always never happy with most scents because my nose is sensitive, I prefer lighter smells or else my nose starts to feel stuffy. I lean on the floral side of the spectrum of smell. 

I picked these up when I noticed near and a few days after Valentine's The Body Shop was having a 40% OFF most of their store. I usually pick up a few rose perfumes, but they were sold out. I asked my bf if he liked this Japanese Cherry Blossom bottle on the top shelf, he said yeah so we just picked the last of this bottle. I guess it grew on me so much that I got a backup!
I ended up finding a whole bunch of roses after coming back on another day. I've been reaching for the Japanese Cherry Blossom instead of the Atlas Mountain Rose. Both light, floral, flirt, and overall "me". 
I've tried out the older formulation of the Japanese Cherry Blossom which I didn't like at all, guess they changed it up and released these new bottles. Which are really cute in my opinion. These are 50 mL bottles of Eau De Toilette, they don't have a Eau De Parfum version :(! My hands aren't that big they run on the small side unlike my feet.

This line include three additional scents which are: Fijian Water Lotus, Indian Night Jasmine and  Italian Summer Fig. These bother ones are too strong for my taste so they don't appeal to me at all.
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  1. I LOVE BODY SHOP SCENTS! The bottles on those look especially amazing. I didn't like the old japanese cherry blossoms too so I have to go to a body shop and give the new one a sniff
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  2. the bottle are very attractive.i like this new design better and i'll wait and give a try till it comes to my country!


  3. the desing is just incredibly cute! looove it x