Review: Geo Tri Color Brown [GeoColouredLenses]

Geo Tri Color Brown or CM-902 Circle Lens Review


Thank you, to the people of GeoColouredLenses for making this review possible as always. If you want just check out their website: GeoColouredLenses.

These are a natural brown colour that make your eyes shine a nice brown. I can't describe it, but it is a subtle difference sometimes. You could wear these with very light makeup because there is a lack of a black limbal ring. It blinds into a natural eye colour. The flecks of orange-yellow make it pop in the eyes.  

I put these on, it makes me feel "fresh", I can't put a finger on it... It is just a nice change to the usual limbal rings I wear. I think these might become one of my most frequently used lens. These are a 14.0 mm, just a slight enhancement.

As comfort goes, these lens are extremely comfortable. It's part of the Magic Color series from GEO. Far better than typical larger and more pigmented lenses. Excellent choice for beginners or people that don't want to explore the more colorful side of lens, but just want a small change.

Enlargement: ★★★★
Colour: ★★★★★
Comfort: ★★★★★
Natural:  ★★★★★
They are nice lenses to wear if you want to have a brighter brown colour and have a dark brown eye colour.

Yes, they are natural and when I put it in it felt refreshing. 

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Disclaimer: Opinions are mine, but this post is sponsored. Yes, it is what I actually feel.

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  2. The colour looks good on you and you suit these lenses really well :D
    I'm not a fan of these kinds of lenses though, I find them looking too reptile-like on my own eyes :( so jealous of people who can pull those lenses off!

  3. What is your favorite color to dye your eyes?

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  4. This looks great on you! It's actually such a subtle brown that you can wear this any time of day and it would still give off a natural vibe :)


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  6. These suit your eyes so well! Your eyes are stunning <3
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  8. The lenses suits you perfectly! I love your eyelashes *O* And your new signature on the blog is super pretty as well!

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  9. I love how this looks on you! Thank you for sharing these ^^
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  10. i love the look! fits perfectly with your hair also~

  11. Oh my! I ordered these lenses a few days ago! I hope they will arrive soon because they look soo pretty on you!! I like how they look good with your haircolour ^-^ ♥ I like that they're super natural but make your eyes stillt lighter! I always have the problem that whenever I wear light lenses, they always don't seem to lighten my eyes the way I want them too :/ At the end they're still dark brown with a like 0.001 shade lighter T_T

  12. The colors look so beautiful on your eyes. I like it.

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