What puberty did to me...♥

Sorry guys who follow my blog. I've been away due to school and social life. Just simply not incorporating “DAT BLOG LIFESTYLE” in it. I will try more for you people, please be patient with me. IF YOU WANT MORE, SPAM MY INSTAGRAM WITH MSGS FOR POSTS LOL. I need dat motivation! 

I think I will be making a twitter, but I never really had one because I just didn't understand what the rage about it is nor do I get how to use it. What’s the point of a super long conversation essentially. I see all this Twitter drama, is it really worth it? Since so and so, took things the wrong way, other so and so decides to call so and so up. It gets really violent; I don’t condemn that sort of behavior, really. However, I do have a short temper and I get mad easily. Ironic, isn't it.
Do you guys know I’m a manga freak, or use to be. I don’t have much time for it now, but I use to love it lots and way more than anime. I simply do not understand how one cannot love manga more than anime. It is just better.

I would like to introduce you guys to my younger self. As you can see, neither glamorous nor enthralling

What changed is:

  • Lost weight (10 pounds)
  • Changed eyebrow shape (arched to straight)
  • Got lighter
  • Changed makeup style and/or  got better at it (eyeliner that goes down to downplay my slitty Asian eyes LOL)
  • My attitude towards life
  • Will to change

I just really took out the staple diet of rice out of my life. I do eat it now and then, but not on a daily basis. I also try to eat healthy as in no pop (I didn’t really drink that anyways), veggies, and etc.  I realized, I hated the fierce look I give. It just isn't me, I am not really a fierce person or do I plan to project that image. Your eyebrows frame your face and are key to change an entire look! I am serious. It matters, if you want to try yourself, see. I’m sure back in the day, all of us went out often and literally sun bathed every day and to her dismay we found out it could harm our skin. Afterwards, I just kept practicing on how to do eyeliner! LOL I SWEAR!!! Just to make at least some progression even if it was little because I was horrible at it. Don’t worry, I put like hours on hours trying to get it right and I’m still not perfect at it. Just keep practicing your makeup skills and you are bound to get better.

As a child growing up, it was hard on me because I use to get bullied on how I look and what I do. Let me tell you, elementary and middle school was the worst. I think that was when my bullying was the worst. Some people pass it off as if it’s just kids being kids. It is just not that, it is a global issue that occurs amongst teen: bullying (well, tweens too). Children simply lack the ability to assess situations and the consequences of their actions. What really changed is the group of people that surrounded me, they weren't the school’s most popular nor were they trend setters, but they are good people who’s company I really enjoy. Despite my quirks, they still like me and for that I am really lucky to have those types of people in my life. As well as, a boyfriend who has been really supportive of me (personal things, I am not yet comfortable with sharing yet) and we are like…

OH YA FOREST GUMP REFERENCE  I cried so much during that movie because it touched my heart. Hopeless romantic up in here!

Keeping on track, is that I wanted to become a better person and I really tried, but it is extremely difficult sometimes. Others can relate while some cannot. There are certain obstacles placed in life, that just seem too much to handle and I want to tell you, don’t stop trying. Even if you think your life is over, continue because it is one day that is now the past. You can now write your own future as corny as it sounds.

Move onward for a better tomorrow, because there is always hope.


I bought a bunch of things on Ebay that I posted previously, do you guys want some reviews on it if it's worth it or not?

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  1. You were cute when you were young! Way better than what I looked like.

    I was bullied too as a child and a teen but I didn't really care when I was in kid because I was thick skinned and twice as mean as any kid who would dare pick on me (the beauty of a having a sharp tongue). I mellowed out and calmed down as I got older, which was a bit of a shame since I was bullied by this one girl when I was in secondary one and two but didn't have the guts to say anything to her. I got my sharp tongue back now so if I ever encounter her again...she better watch what she says, haha! But I'm sure she's grown up a bit too now.

    Love your outfits, especially the last one, it's awesome!


    1. T^T I wish I could see that I was cute like how you say it haha!

      I think many people are affected by bullying. It's horrible that the system fails to realize it and acknowledge how much it really impacts today's society. Not everyone can be as strong and need that help, but are too scared too or cannot. My heart goes out to everyone, but it makes me happy too when there are strong people like you out there.

      Thanks for all the support!!!

  2. planning to lose weight. how long did it take you? how did you lose weight?